Maurizio Miceli deep dubtechno dj music producer based in Venice, Italy

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Maurizio Miceli

I started DJing in 1986. Resident at the Teens Club, in Venice. My teacher was Golia, ( Davide Maggio ), then all the clubs in Venice and islands like Acropolis, Rouge et Noir, SmoKe, MusiKo, Capannina Beach, Villa Pigalle, and many others. In 2000 with the net, my mixes were hosted by the most prestigious sites of the time as,,, and others. It was at that moment that I felt the need to create a site of my own where I could publish my DJ sets. There were still no sites like Soundcloud, etc... That's how was born. it was 2004. Thanks to deepindub, over time I played in Berlin at Raw Tempel, in Zurich, Belgium, and U.K. just to name a few. At the same time deepindub also became a creative commons label, so it was free to download, and it was a huge success at the time. I then decided to close deepindub and open a "solo" project called spacechord. Then for various reasons I stopped for a while. Recently I started working with music again. And I'm preparing something new, besides here on twitch to propose electronic deep dub techno music. I am open to interesting and constructive collaborations. I have also played in combos with saxophonists like Aaron Tesser, and percussionists like Leonardo Di Angilla. I like the fusion of various genres and never put limits on creativity. I not only play deep dub techno, but also deephouse, chill out, lounge, and ambient. If you are a person who likes refined and niche music, you are in the right place. Love and light. Maurizio.

"... old & new deep dubtechno music projects realized by me.

Maurizio Miceli

Twitch channel

I'm a Venice-based DJ, with the aim to stream and mix electronic soul music, where sound aesthetic and function are merged into an entity of hypnotic movement and form. On Thursdays I also do just chat, to interact with you. Open to interesting collaborations.


Music Label

Spacechord was born as a personal musical project of maurizio miceli. He also publishes music under the alias spacechord. A project dedicated to deep & dub techno music !!!


Music Label

Deepindub was a Netlabel active from 2004 to 2014 !!! On Bandcamp there's the whole archive as a free download !!! Enjoy and view a brief of my history as a one of the pioneers how netlabel manager of the time !!!.