Podcast 001 – Deepchord Set

Podcast 001 - Deepchord Set - A deep dubtechno dj live set !!!

Maurizio Miceli – Deepchord Set

The audio version of my latest live on Twitch ( 29 april 2021 ),
with a special selection of deepchord deep dubtechno tunes !!!

For this podcast, You can still watch the live set if you subscribe on my twitch channel or became a patron on patreon.

The download link for this podcast is free and will be featured on my iTunes podcast directory !!!
Join my Discord to watch the original live show. ( If you get VIP status on Discord, and there are others way to get the possibility to download premium mixes and watch premium shows.)

Playlist available only for supporter, always on my Discord !!!

Enjoy the Vibes
love & light

Maurizio Miceli – Deepchord Set from Maurizio Miceli.

UPDATE OF 9 JUNE 2021 : Uploaded on my new Bitchute channel here : https://www.bitchute.com/video/neT8n7Uqtio3/

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